So, I’ve been on The Radical Agnostic almost every week for the last few months. I missed the last one, but I plan to be on it this week. But I also have a podcast with DB Kuiper! It’s called Nonsense Debris, and the first episode is up–it’s not the first “real” episode, though, because DB’s not on it. This one’s a short “mini-session”. You can find the podcast here. If you just want the RSS feed link, that’s here. And Jobs willing, it’ll be on iTunes soon.

And don’t forget about The Radical Agnostic. I plan to be on it this week for Episode 51!



So, I published my collection of short stories (the same one from my Kindle Scout post) through Kindle Direct Publishing. That’s the shill: Go buy it! And heck, if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, it’s free to read (and they give me a little bit of money if you read it) so, read it!

I’m planning on posting a few (other) short stories on here as time goes on, so don’t think that I’m putting it all behind a paywall. I want to get my stuff out to folks.

I’m thinking about a promotion, but I’m not sure what kind to do. A few folks who read the collection that I know have asked me if I would write longer versions of any of the short stories in there; I’ve been thinking about running a contest about that. But I’m not sure. So, hit me up with any contest ideas you have in the comments! In the meantime, if I think of one, there’ll be a post outlining it.