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I like to think that I’m a problem-solver. Give me a problem, and I can probably find a solution (Notice I didn’t say “the” and I didn’t use the modifier “good”).

When I look for a solution, if there are multiple parties involved, I first look at the solution that benefits everybody, and/or doesn’t harm anyone. When presented with a solution to a problem, I likewise look to see if it affects others, and whether that affect is necessary. Apparently, this is an uncommon trait.

There are an awful lot of folks who don’t or can’t do this. To them, everything is a zero-sum game, and you can’t gain anything unless someone’s losing something. I see them engaged in an epic quest to make sure that nobody is ever happy.

I call them Zeroers, and I give their epic quests epic titles.

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So, I published my collection of short stories (the same one from my Kindle Scout post) through Kindle Direct Publishing. That’s the shill: Go buy it! And heck, if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, it’s free to read (and they give me a little bit of money if you read it) so, read it!

I’m planning on posting a few (other) short stories on here as time goes on, so don’t think that I’m putting it all behind a paywall. I want to get my stuff out to folks.

I’m thinking about a promotion, but I’m not sure what kind to do. A few folks who read the collection that I know have asked me if I would write longer versions of any of the short stories in there; I’ve been thinking about running a contest about that. But I’m not sure. So, hit me up with any contest ideas you have in the comments! In the meantime, if I think of one, there’ll be a post outlining it.

Sturgeon’s Law is known by pretty much everybody who loves science fiction (Strictly speaking, though, it’s Sturgeon’s Revelation or, as I prefer to think of it, Sturgeon’s Second Law of Things, since there’s another Sturgeon’s Law): 90% of everything is crap. “Everything” includes society. But unlike art, which is rather fixed, and a given piece of art is “crap” or “not-crap”, societies change. So we can hope to maybe be less crap as a society over time. Attempts to diminish the crap quotient (Cq) below the Sturgeon Threshold are always contentious.
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I participated in the Amazon Kindle Scout program as a writer. The campaign ended around January of this year, so this isn’t a shill for a current one, merely some observations on how the process worked (I reserve the right to shill for a campaign if I do it again, though. In fact, I reserve the right to shill anything in any way.)


First thing’s first, the terms:
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I’m a ridiculous human being. Among my many varied interests, I love video games. I had an old NES when I was a kid, blew into the cartridge so that decades later they could look disgusting and require proper care to work, I puzzled when the Genesis came out and it worked pretty much flawlessly, having no idea of the history of the supposed “zero insertion force” concept and its relation to making the simple act of playing a came contained on a circuit board difficult. I resisted the change from cartridges (my N64) to CDs (my Playstation…1, as it’s known these days because companies don’t give new systems new names any more. Because they’re lazy) even as I appreciated the improvements in graphics, because CDs scratch and cartridges are forever.  Continue Reading